I began to look at Australia’s cities and towns soon after I began to develop a National Publishing Company – Steve parish Publishing early in 1985. However, it was 1988 when we began distributing nationally that Cities and Towns became a category. The initial inclination was to simply include the primary urban icons in our ranges To be truthful the initial impetus was to appease the requests from retailers who wanted more than landscape, flora and fauna on our stands. Initially, I resisted. What got me reviewing my attitude was a comment made by South African wilderness philosopher, author and apartheid-critic Laurens van der Post, at the 1981 World Wilderness Congress in Cairns. There was debate among delegates as to the true definition of ‘wilderness’. In his speech, he suggested that wilderness was a state of mind. And so I decided that I would explore urban Australia and simply change my attitude. What I discovered was that many urban areas supported a fabulous array of wild native animals and plants and subsequently over the passing decades I have watched how many planners and citizens are now striving to plant native bringing our rich fauna ‘into town’ so to speak. These days I see urban Australia as part of the overall palette that is Australia and have been thrilled to see, especially during the ’80s and ’90’s how our nature-based publications were giving pride of place simply by acknowledging what is striking landscape the architecture in many urban areas provided; although sure some of its pretty awful and gives no consideration at all to ‘wild visitors’ or the joy these visitors can bring to the lives of the Nations citizens. In this collection I have chosen some personal highlights, if there are regions you would like featured please let me know.