I was seven years old when I was first introduced to sea life and took my first very basic picture with a toy underwater camera. Along with the camera my father had given a triangular facemask with an attached snorkel for Xmas. I was immediately besotted. I was sixteen when I took my first ‘real’ picture underwater and, from that joyous experience I became a life-long dedicated underwater photographer. By the mid-sixties, I started to publish my underwater discoveries, and in 1971 my first book, ‘Australia’s Ocean Of Life’. And so sea life has been part of both my head-spaces as a naturalist and an artist for some 57 years now. This collection represents some highlights from that life long obsession with all things underwater. From an artistic perspective, the fishes, corals, sponges, sea stars and mossucs present more spectacular visual diversity in terms of form, colour, shape and texture than any other ecosystem.