Australia’s flowering plants, also known as angiosperms, number some 21,000 species, 93% of which are endemic. Compared globally that around 7% of a total of 268,600 species. Although not entirely, my focus has been Western Australia which represents over half the total of Australia’s species, around 12,000 species. And so, if wildflowers excite you, Western Australia, especially the southern areas, is your place to be. The Wildflower Society of Western Australia lists the reasons for such diversity as being a combination of isolation, climate, pollination abundance and the stability geologically over time. And so collectively we photo artists are in for some pretty joyful times. Flowering plants offer a smorgasbord of artistic elements, of course, the colours being predominant. In considering these gorgeous plants being part of your decor you may also like to consider some of the beautiful associated landscapes, seascapes and even colourful birds hanging together.