The term ‘wildlife’ includes the thousands of insects (over 500,000 species), spiders (850 species)`, invertebrate animals (300,000 species) and of course the more visible and iconic mammals (379 species), reptiles (860 species) and of course the frogs (214 species) and of course birds (898 species). Because they are so diverse and play such an essential part in my world as a publisher, artist and naturalist, I have presented them as a separate collection. What makes this collection unique is that it features the more iconic mammals, creatures which have been a focus of my work for many decades. Macropods (kangaroos and wallabies), along with the apex predator the dingo, and some of the more iconic reptiles are features of this collection. Of course this collection is not about the natural history of wildlife, it is about the ‘art of wildlife’. It about connection, much emotion is attached to each connection. Not just for me but for the many thousands of Australians who care deeply about the conservation of these precious creatures.