Inner Voice

birds,black and white,ratio 2:3,rivers lakes and floodplains


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Trusting our inner voice can be an ultimate challenge for those of us in pursuit of a holistic life. In nature, there are many metaphors. The reef heron may remain completely still for hours waiting for the tide to bring food within striking range. Just before striking you can see the bird ever so gently rocks its body back and forth from left to right, while the head remains completely still. It is though it is considering options. Then, having learned over time through trial and error, the bird strikes with alarming speed. When a strike is unsuccessful, the birds repeat the activity until success is assured. Over, and over, and over, if necessary. If it gives up, it is dead!

Product Size 2:3

450×300 mm, 600×400 mm, 900×600 mm, 1100×730 mm, 1300×870 mm, 1500×1000 mm

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Metallic Photographic Paper, Fujiflex Photographic Paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper, Photo Art Pro Canvas Rolled, Photo Art Pro Canvas Stretched, SwissQ Metal, SwissQ Acrylic