Sea Life Wonder XI

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One of the ocean’s most alluring sea creatures, the feather star. There are oranges, vivid reds with white stripes, bright greens, deep blues and blacks and vivid yellows, along with a multitude of patterns and textures. Wow, what a colour panorama! Feather stars inhabit all oceans at all depths, and their beauty makes them a significant feature on any underwater tropical and temperate, shallow and abyssal.

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Metallic Photographic Paper, Fujiflex Photographic Paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper, Photo Art Pro Canvas Rolled, Photo Art Pro Canvas Stretched, SwissQ Metal, SwissQ Acrylic

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400×400 mm, 500×500 mm, 630×630 mm, 750×750 mm, 900×900 mm, 1000×1000 mm, 1100×1100 mm, 1300×1300 mm, 1400×1400 mm