The Oneness

Western Australia,arid land,black and white,ratio 4:5,tree


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The interrelations between the living and non-living elements in any ecosystem are a great source of fuel for any creative soul regardless of medium. I have revelled on the many ecological and, in this case artistic, relationships for many years and find the challenges, wins, and losses, both constant and enriching. I see the content of this digital charcoal sketch – something I like to do when I am feeling particularly playful – as a triangle between the tree, the rock, and my own emotions; in this trilogy, the ‘oneness’.

Product Type

Metallic Photographic Paper, Fujiflex Photographic Paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper, Photo Art Pro Canvas Rolled, Photo Art Pro Canvas Stretched, SwissQ Metal, SwissQ Acrylic

Product Size 4:5

500×400 mm, 600×480 mm, 800×640 mm, 900×720 mm, 1100×880 mm, 1300×1000 mm, 1500×1200 mm