Thoughts Of Flying

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These delightful birds were roosting on a sandbank, calmly snoozing, or so it seemed, until a solitary pelican paddled just that little too close. In unison the stilts began to march ‘as one’ in perfect formation. I wondered, for no good reason, as I often do, whether the collective were actually ‘thinking’ about what they were doing. Were they actually preplanning a take-off, were they ‘thinking’ about flight? Did they, indeed do they, have a mental concept of what flight actually is? Just musing.
Flock of Pied Stilts, Coorwong National Park, South Australia

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Metallic Photographic Paper, Fujiflex Photographic Paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper, Photo Art Pro Canvas Rolled, Photo Art Pro Canvas Stretched, SwissQ Metal, SwissQ Acrylic

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